Current Graduate Students:

Student Degree Goal/Year Research Topics
Greg Lacaille Ph.D./2021 mm-Wave MassiveMIMO Systems (co-advised with Prof. Alon)
Nima Baniasadi Ph.D./2021 sub-THz CMOS Receivers
Emily Naviasky Ph.D./2021 Spatial Filtering in mm-Wave and RF Arrays (co-advised with Prof. Alon)
Ali Ameri Ph.D./2021 THz CMOS Flow Cytometer for BioMedicine
Luya Zhang Ph.D./2022 mm-Wave Imaging/Sensors for BioMedicine
Matthew Anderson Ph.D./2023 Beamforming RFID
Ben Liu Ph.D./2023 Advanced Prescalars in Novel NCFET Technology
Ethan Chou Ph.D./2025 Low Phase Noise mm-Wave PLLs
Yikuan Chen Ph.D./2025 Wideband RF-DAC Design
Rohit Braganza Ph.D./2025 Wideband RF-DAC Power Mixer
Alex Moreno Ph.D./2024 TBD (co-advised with Prof. Pister)
Hesham Beshary Ph.D./2026 TBD
Rawan Al Kubaisy Ph.D./2026 TBD (co-advised with Prof. Anwar)
Averal Kandala Ph.D./2026 Power Sources for Implantables (co-advised with Prof. Anwar)
Micah Roschelle Ph.D./2026 Optoelectronics for mplantables (co-advised with Prof. Anwar)


Post-Graduates and Industrial Visitors:

Name Dates Title
Dr. Ananda Chakraborty 2020-present Post-doc
Dr. Lorenzo Iotti 2015-2020 Post-doc
Dr. Vincent Bourguet 2016-2017 Visiting Professor
Dr. Bo Zhao 2015-2016 Post-doc
Dr. Byron Wicks 2009-2010 Post-doc
Dr. Jean-Michel Redoute 2009-2010 Post-doc
Michiaki Matsuo 2008-2010 Panasonic
Dr. Yanjie Wang 2007 University of Alberta
Dr. Joel Dunsmore Fall 2007 Agilent
Toshiya Mitomo 2007-2008 Toshiba
Kyeongtae Moon 2007-2008 MewTel Technology Inc.
Dr. Patrick Reynaert 2006-2007 Now assistant professor at Leuven
Dr. Ichiro Seto 2005-2006 Toshiba
Prof. Ana Cunha 2005-2006 Federal University ofBahia
Dr. Hirotaka Tamura 2006 Fujitsu

Previous Graduate Students:

Name Degree Goal/Year Research Topics
Sashank Krishnamurthy Ph.D./2020 High Linearity Receivers (RF and mm-Wave)
Yi-An Li Ph.D./2020 Phase Noise and Spur Cancellation and Reduction
Hossein Shirinabadi MS/2019 Sub-THz Transmitter Design
Kevin Chen BS/2019 Digital Transmitters for IoT
Kevin Zheng BS/2019 Automatied SerDes Framework
Amin Torabi MS/2019 Automated Framework for DAC Design
Andrew Liu MS/2019 Low Power Receivers for IoT
Kosta Trotskovsky Ph.D./2019 Low Power Receivers for Arrays (Co-advised with Prof. Alon)
Filip Maksimovic Ph.D./2019 Ultra low power radios (Co-advised with Prof. Pister)
Andrew Townley Ph.D./2018 THz Communications Links
Nai-Chung Kuo Ph.D./2018 Reconfigurable RF Transmitter; Active Antenna Modulator
Lucas Calderin Ph.D./2017 Full Duplex Communication; Transmitter Cancellation in FDD
Pramod Murali Ph.D./2016 Chip Scale Magnetic Particle based Flow Cytometer (Co-advised with Prof. Boser)
Jun-Chau Chien Ph.D./2015 Near Field Imaging for Medical Applications
Steven Callender Ph.D./2015 Novel Wideband ADC Architectures; Picosecond Timing for Imaging Applications
Paul Swirhun M.S./2014 90 GHz Radar/Imaging
Shinwon Kang Ph.D./2014 THz Chip-to-Chip Communicaiton; mm-Wave Frequency Synthesis
Siva Thyagarajan Ph.D./2014 THz Chip-to-Chip Communicaiton; mm-Wave Switching Power Amplifiers
Maryam Tabesh Ph.D./2014 RFID; 60 GHz Phased Array in CMOS
Jiashu Chen Ph.D./2013 mm-Wave Power Transmitters
Ashkan Borna Ph.D./2012 COGUR Receivers (RF-FPGA)
Lu Ye Ph.D./2013 "Digital" PA Transmitter
Sriramkumar Venugopalan Ph.D./2013 RF Compact Modeling and Power Amplifier Design
Jung-Dong Park Ph.D./2012 THz Imaging, Radar, and Communication
Juan Yaquian Ph.D./2015 High Frequency Sigma-Delta
Cristian Marcu Ph.D./2011 60 GHz PLL and frequency synthesis
Amin Arbabian Ph.D./2011 TUSI (mm-Wave UWB Imager)
Debopriyo Chowdhury Ph.D./2010 60 GHz Power Amplifiers; Transformers for mm-wave and RF design
Zhiming Deng Ph.D./2010 Frequency Synthesis; Microwave VCOs ; Phase Noise; CMOS LNB for satellite communications
Omar Bakr Ph.D./2010 Beam forming WLAN transceiver.
Ehsan Adabi Ph.D./2010 60 GHz Phase Shifters and Switches
Bagher (Ali) Afshar Ph.D./2010 60 GHz CMOS Front-Ends; TUSI (mm-Wave UWB Imager)
Shijing Yao (co-advised with Prof. Hu) M.S./2009 BSIM: Compact Modeling (Multi-Gate Transisors)
Nuntachai Poobuapheun Ph.D./2008 COGUR Project: Highly linear broadband front-end designs for software defined or multiband cognitive radios
Wei-Hung Chen Ph.D./2008 COGUR Project: Broadband highly linear RF CMOS Amplifiers
Reza Zamani M.S./2008 Digital RF Power Amplifiers
Sohrab Emami Ph.D./2008 60 GHz CMOS mixers, frequency dividers, and multipliers (co-advised with Brodersen)
Mounir Bohsali Ph.D./2008 60 GHz CMOS Power Amplifiers
Babak Heydari Ph.D./2008 CMOS Circuits and Devices beyond 100 GHz
Mohan Dunga Ph.D./2008 Nanoscale CMOS Modeling (co-advised with Hu)
Joe Chien M.S./2007 mm-Wave Power Coupling
Gang Liu Ph.D./2007 RF CMOS Power Amplifiers (co-advised with King)
Axel Berny Ph.D./2006 Wideband RF VCOs (co-advised with Meyer)
Yuen Hui Chee Ph.D./2006 RF CMOS Low Power Transmitters (co-advised with Rabaey)
Stanley Bo Wang Ph.D./2006 CMOS UWB LNA Design; UWB Antenna Modeling (co-advised with Brodersen)
Matthew Muh M.S./2005 60 GHz Push-Push VCO Design
Mark Chew M.S./2004 RFID Passive Component Design
Hanching Fuh M.S./2003 CMOS Power Amplifiers
Eddie Ng M.S./2003 SiGe and CMOS mm-wave design