Our group conducts research on the design of integrated circuits for wireless communication. We design RF, microwave, and mm-wave devices, circuits, and systems.

A fully intergrated interferometer-based dielectric spectrometer for bio-sensing applications. This chip has 28 differential VCOs operating from 6.5-30 GHz

VLSI 2014, Jun-Chau Cien, M. Anwar, Yeh Erh-Chia, L. Lee, Ali Niknejad

A fully intergrated RFID communication chip that utilizes wireless power transfer at 24 GHz and UWB pulse-position modulation at 60 GHz. All antennas are integrated onto the chip.

VLSI 2014,Best Student Paper Award, Maryam Tabesh, Mustafa Rangwala, Amin Arbabian, and Ali Niknejad

240 GHz Transceiver

World's first fully integrated CMOS transceiver chipset (65nm) opearting at 240 GHz: "A 240GHz wideband QPSK receiver in 65nm CMOS," and "A 240GHz wideband QPSK transmitter in 65nm CMOS."

RFIC 2014, S. Thyagarajan, Shinwon Kang, A. Niknejad

60 GHz Transmitter

World's Most Efficient WiGig 60 GHz CMOS Transmitter:, “A digitally modulated mm-Wave cartesian beamforming transmitter with quadrature spatial combining, ”, ISSCC 2013, 2013 Jack Kilby Award for Outstanding Student Paper

Jiashu Chen, Lu Ye, D. Titz, F. Gianesello, R. Pilard, A. Cathelin, F. Ferrero, C. Luxey, A. Niknejad

60 GHz Phased Array

Ultra Low Power 60 GHz CMOS Phased-Array Transceiver: "A 65nm CMOS 4-Element Sub-34mW/Element 60GHz Phased-Array Transceiver", ISSCC 2011

Maryam Tabesh, Jiashu Chen, Cristian Marcu, Lingkai Kong, Shinwon Kang, Elad Alon, Ali Niknejad

Smallest footpring 60 GHz PA with record power and efficiency: "A Compact 1V 18.6dBm 60GHz Power Amplifier in 65nm CMOS", ISSCC 2011

Jiashu Chen, Ali M. Niknejad

Widest Bandwidth UWB Transmitter at 90 GHz: "A 90GHz-Carrier 30GHz-Bandwidth Hybrid Switching Transmitter with Integrated Antenna", ISSCC 2010

2010 Jack Kilby Award for Outstanding Student Paper, Amin Arbabian, Bagher Afshar, Jun-Chau Chien, Shinwon Kang, Steven Callender, Ehsan Adabi, Stefano Dal Toso, Romain Pilard, Daniel Gloria, Ali Niknejad

WLAN CMOS "Digital" PA with 44% peak efficiency and 802.11g compliant OFDM transmission: "A 2.4GHz Mixed Signal Polar Power Amplifier with Low-Power Integrated Filtering in 65nm CMOS", CICC 2010

Debopriyo Chowdhury, Lu Ye, Elad Alon and Ali M. Niknejad

110 GHz Distributed Power Amplifier (Record Power / Frequency / Efficiency): "A Stage-Scaled Distributed Power Amplifier Achieving 110GHz Bandwidth and 17.5dBm Peak Output Power", RFIC 2010, Best Student Paper Award

Jiashu Chen, Ali Niknejad

60 GHz Transceiver

Most Energy Efficient CMOS 60 GHz Transceiver, ISSCC 2009

Cristian Marcu,Debopriyo Chowdhury, ChintanThakkar, Ling-Kai Kong, Maryam Tabesh, Jung-Dong Park,Yanjie Wang, Ali Afshar, Abhinav Gupta, Amin Arbabian, Simone Gambini, Reza Zamani, Elad Alon, Ali Niknejad

Lowest Power 60 GHz CMOS Front-End, ISSCC 2008

B. Afshar, Y. Wang, A. M. Niknejad

CMOS 60 GHz PA with > 12dBm Psat, ISSCC 2008

D. Chowdhury, P. Reynaert, A. M. Niknejad

0.66 THz Gain/Bandwidth Distributed Amplifier, ISSCC 2008

A. Arbabian and A. M. Niknejad

World's First 104 GHz CMOS Amplifier, ISSCC 2007

B. Heydari, M. Bohsali, E. Adabi, A.M. Niknejad

5.8 GHz 1V CMOS PA, RFIC 2007: Best Student Paper Award

P.Haldi, D. Chowdhury, G. Liu, A.M. Niknejad

World's First 60 GHz CMOS Amplifier, ISSCC 2004, Technology Directions Award

C. H. Doan, S. Emami, A. M. Niknejad, and R. W. Brodersen