Location: Cory 140    
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Head GSI:   Toshitake Takahashi tositake[at]
  010 Eung Seok eungseokpark[at]>
  011 Sriramkumar Venugopalan sriram[at]
  012 Feng Pan fpan2[at]
  013 Eung Seok eungseokpark[at]>
  014 Sriramkumar Venugopalan sriram[at]
  015 Hsiwen Lo hlo[at]
  016 Feng Pan fpan2[at]
  017 Toshitake Takahashi tositake[at]
  018 Kun Wang wangkun[at]
  019 Kun Wang wangkun[at]

Welcome to the EE43/100 lab. The purpose of this laboratory course is to teach students how to use electronic test equipment, to familiarize them with the characteristics of basic circuit elements (resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors), to give them experience in designing, building, and debugging circuits, and to illustrate how electronic principles relate to modern digital systems.

The EE43/100 lab is located on the first floor of Cory Hall, room 140. The lab is open whenever there is a GSI present in the lab. You are welcome to use the lab whenever a GSI is present to learn more about the experiments and the course. However, please note that if the lab is full, the GSI may not be able to accommodate you. There is no weekend or after hours access. The experiments will not be too difficult and you should easily be able to finish them in the allotted time. Only the GSIs, instructors and support personnel have card key access to the lab.

Please do not forget the concepts of any lab after you complete it. The experiments build on your knowledge from the previous lab. In addition, we cannot describe every possible setup of your instruments. It is up to you to play with the instruments (short of breaking them) to find out more. Ask questions and find answers – use the Internet, ask your GSI, your peers etc. Have fun!

Lab Assignments

All labs (both prelab and report) must be passed in order to receive a passing grade in the course. If you come to lab prepared, and give your best effort, passing should not be a problem. We want this to be an interesting and fun exploratory experience.

There will be a prelab assignment for each of the experiments. Each individual in each lab group must submit the prelab assignment before beginning the experiment in lab.

There will be a lab report assignment for each of the experiments. Each team should complete the lab report during lab.

Turn in lab assignments on time--late assignments can jeopardize your grade (and make things difficult for your GSI). If you need to miss a lab, let your GSI know in advance, and you can attend another section that week. If you need more time to complete a lab, check the Lab Schedule. You may work in the lab at one of the extra lab stations in the back of the room, as long as the GSI on duty gives you permission to do so. You may not be present in the lab when there is no staff member on duty.

Lab Grading