University of California, Berkeley
EECS298-8: Integrated Circuits Seminar Fall 2003
Mondays 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Hogan Room, 5th Floor Cory Hall
Organized by Professor Ali M Niknejad

Date Speaker [ Visitor Information ]
September 8 "Some Remarks on CMOS Matching Properties" (abstract)
Dr. Marcel Pelgrom, Philips Research (bio)
September 15 "How Arc Alley became Silicon Valley" (abstract)
Professor Thomas Lee, Stanford University (bio)
September 22 "GigaSample/second Parallel-Pipeline CMOS ADCs" (abstract)
Dr. Robert Neff, Agilent Labs (bio)
September 29 "Electrical Interconnect Challenges for Microprocessor Systems in the next Decade" (abstract)
Dr. Ricardo Suarez-Gartner, Intel Corporation (bio)
October 6 "Mixed-Signal Baseband Circuits for Multimode Receivers" (abstract)
Professor Michael Flynn, University of Michigan (bio)
October 13 "Challenges in A/D design and practical understanding of their specifications" (abstract)
Dr. Ion E. Opris (bio)
October 20 "Cascaded Noise-Shaping Modulators for Oversampled Data Conversion", (abstract)
Professor Bruce A. Wooley, Stanford University (bio)
October 27 "Transceiver Design for High Speed Parallel Optical Interconnections" (abstract)
Dr. Azita Emami-Neyestanak, Stanford University (bio)
November 3 "Design and Simulation of Phase Locked Loops" (abstract)
Professor Mike Perrott, MIT (bio)
November 10
November 17 "Challenges and Opportunities for Mixed Signal Systems in Sub 100 nm CMOS" (abstract)
Dr. Krishnamurthy Soumyanath, Intel Corporation (bio)
November 24 "Circular Standing Wave Oscillators & Standing Wave Adaptive Transmission Line Tapering" (abstract)
Professor Donhee Ham, Harvard University (bio)
December 1 "Integrated Tower of Babylon?! Or, Large Scale Integration of Ultra-High-Frequency Systems" (abs)
Professor Ali Hajimiri, California Institute of Technology (bio)
December 8 "Digital Calibration for Low-Power High-Performance A/D Conversion" (abstract)
Boris Murmann, U.C. Berkeley (bio)
Mark 15 "Design Considerations for Low-Power High-Sensitivity Integrated Direct-Conversion RF Receivers" (abstract)
Dr. Osama Shana'a (bio)

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